Un appel aux professionnels


Promoter, builder, prime contractor, developer or more generally real estate professionals in the Toulouse region: you are regularly confronted with poor workmanship and the legitimate reservations that may result from it.
You have delivery deadlines to meet or a situation to clean up as soon as possible.

Within the ALASSI company, we are well aware that the lifting of reservations is a crucial step in the smooth running of the delivery of a good or a site.
Unfortunately, it has an impact on deadlines, costs (direct and indirect) as well as on the image and reputation of your Company.

This fundamental step therefore requires above all to call on the right professional, who, by bringing you his expertise (all trades) will be the guarantor of the smooth running and successful completion of your site or the work undertaken.

Within the ALASSI Company, we have been working with you for more than 20 years, in the repair and upgrading of your general masonry work, interior or exterior joinery, resumption of floors (parquet floors, carpets and tiles).
We also work on all facade and interior painting work (droplets, recovery of droplets, etc.),
Our teams are also trained to operate on general plumbing and electrical work.

Whatever the nature of the work to be carried out, our skills allow us to carry out the mission entrusted to you.

Indeed, in accordance with the plans or the specifications, we examine scrupulously step by step, all the non-compliant elements and treat them in the rules of the art in order to promote as best and as quickly as possible, a statement of lifting of reservations. .

Professionals, Companies whether you are fitting out or renovating new offices, commercial premises, stores, we approach your project in its entirety and support you at every stage.

Does your professional environment require a partial or complete makeover? Do you want to welcome your visitors or customers in the best possible way in a warmer atmosphere that is better suited to people with reduced mobility? Or save energy (lighting, heating)?

By your side, we imagine and design spaces adapted to your activity, which you like and correspond to you, in order to better exploit your workspace and promote your daily well-being, your working comfort and that of your employees.

Likewise for your professional spaces, we are at your side to bring your workspace up to standard and modular:
Whatever your needs: partitions, interior joinery, mobility and modularity, paintings, flooring, storage solutions, sanitary facilities, sound insulation…
Our teams will look for the layout solution that suits you in order to

to guarantee you the expected result both from a technical and aesthetic point of view.

We master PMR facilities and can guide and advise you to find additional solutions.

To do this, we favor a wide choice of quality materials and brands, in compliance with environmental standards and entrusted budgets.
We use materials with current safety standards, paints with non-toxic and odorless standards that allow you to work right away.

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